OK Adventure

The company takes its name from the mountain Ok, which is one of the smallest glaciers in the surrounding of the glacier Langjökull.  The Ok has been documented as the smallest glacier, but today it can hardly be defined as a glacier.

In OK  Adventure we focus on personal services and above all we strive that our service is individualized so you will experience Iceland and the natives. Our aim is to create a relaxed atmosphere and joy and “leave the stress at home”

We provide accommodation in hotels, cottages and advanced accommodation in tents. We are experienced in driving guiding, hiking and guidance on horseback. We have our own horses and we can organize day tours on horseback.

Iceland has so much to offer beautiful scenery good accommodation, great food and last but not the least a wonderful experience. The nature is most important to us, therefore we respect the nature and our aim is to minimize the negative effects on the environment, keeping to footpaths where they are available, and carry out and pick up all litter. We are of course a non smoking company.

When we travel around the country we explore  lava caves, natural hot-spring areas, waterfalls and other natural phenomena. We visit farms, training and breeding centers of the Icelandic horse.

Contact us and we will help you to find the dream tour.